Are you ready to book your wedding cake and don’t know where to begin?

We have asked local wedding cake specialist, Moya Shaw (Cakes by Moya Shaw) who is also based in Magherafelt, what are her ten top tips for brides when they begin the journey of picking a wedding cake?


Moya’s Ten Top Tips were

Design Cake Later! You can book your wedding cake as early as you want if you are already sure of your cake maker, but do not finalise your design or flavours until you have your venue booked, dress bought and, preferably, invitations chosen!

Consider Distance that your cake has to travel e.g. with very large or novelty cakes, (which can be awkward to handle), it may be better to choose a cake maker close to your venue.

Think about the Flavours and fillings  e.g. if you really want a fresh cream cake included, you would need to check that the venue has cold storage or that your cake maker can transport on the day & time; the same applies for a naked cake.

Budget Most couples have an idea of what their price range would be, so it may be helpful to inform your cake maker aware of this before choosing your designs.

Size of Wedding Cake  If you think you’d like a 3 tier cake or a 2 tier cake you still need to consider dimensions e.g. 12” 9” 6” or 10” 7” 5”. The number of guests you are expecting will help you determine this.

Consider Detail when choosing design. The more detailed your cake is, the more costly it will be due to the time that must be spent working on it. Your cake maker should advise on this – be aware that, often, a design which looks simple can actually be time-consuming!

High Expectations Magazine pictures look wonderful, but we must be aware that there are food stylists & editors who make cakes look perfect with Photoshop. It is worth noting that most magazine cakes are iced pieces of Styrofoam.

Theme/Colour When meeting with your cake maker, bring along anything that may help with the design. You might consider bringing with you: a cutting of ribbon, a picture of your wedding dress, a cutting of lace, pearl, diamante sparkle, or your invitations. These items can help your cake maker gauge an idea of your colours and themes etc

Communication Is Key  When the initial meeting with your cake maker is over, make sure that he/she has agreed to email confirmation of all that was discussed. It is important that you feel comfortable to contact him/her at any time.

And Most Importantly Choose a cake maker who you know will be genuinely excited about your wedding!


You can contact Moya by email here


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