Morning of wedding

5 Tips for Getting Ready on the Morning of Your Wedding

It’s your wedding morning and it’s all systems go! Here are some tips to help you get organised on the morning of the wedding.

1. Know the Timeline

Know that no morning will fly by as fast as the morning of your wedding day, and you will need a military time plan and check list to ensure everything goes smoothly.  Ask yourself questions like, when are the flowers arriving? Who is getting hair and makeup done first? What time do you need to be out the door? Have a quick and easy checklist and get someone else involved to help you.

2. Have a Plan to help you keep calm.. and breathe

In this master plan, decide how you are going to relax in among the madness and adrenaline. One of my friends who got married in Portugal last year hired a private yoga teacher to hold a class for the Bridal party the morning of her wedding. It was such bliss. And don’t forget, there is always time to breathe.

3. Hang it!

Hang, hang, hang. Ensure everything anyone is wearing is HANGING on a hanger. Especially your dress, and veil if you are wearing one. I’d also advise ensuring getting your shoes out, and anything else you plan on accessorizing with so there is no last minute panic the morning of.

4. Be aware of the Photo Opportunities and be prepared.

Ensure in your wedding photographers scope, they are there in the morning to capture all the action. The ‘getting ready’ photos are absolutely beautiful and really capture a big part of the day. You can buy some personalised wedding wear from our gift shop.

Also delegate someone to keep the area tidy-ish for these photos. Removing any rubbish, and unsightly objects for the shots!

5. Processo and Croissants?

Stock up on prosecco, and or champagne. With orange juice for a buck fizz, or a peach puree to make a Bellini. And have nice, photo worthy champagne flutes to sip them out of (thinking of those photos at all times!).  And if you are sensible, drink lots of water too! It’s a great idea to include food for the bridal party as it can be a busy day ahead… One bride told us he was having Prosecco, Pain au chocolate/croissants, Fruit kebabs, Hotel chocolate chocolates. and Smoked salmon.

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