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20 Assorted Jam Jars and Bottles

Purchase our set of 20 assorted Jam Jars & Bottles for DIY Wedding Centrepieces. We have 3 sets of these. We have been gifted with so many different kinds on jam jars / mason jars over the past few years as brides had created so many of their own centrepieces. These include Jam Jar, Cooking Sauce Jars, Mason Jars, and some wine and glass milk bottles.

Each set of these jars are different and vary. They are available for collection from our warehouse in Magherafelt. We are not offering a delivery service for these items. Firstly you can purchase from our store. Secondly, we email you for a date and time for collection. Finally, we will prepare these for collection for the day you have selected. We will use the email address you have provided to communicate with you regarding collection.

These items are available for purchase only. If you wish to enquire about our hire service, please contact us via our enquiry form here.

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Below are some ideas for DIY Table Centrepieces – These include decorated and plain jam jars for both the rustic and elegant themes. Also, to make use of all the bottles gathered up, there are some ideas for wine bottles and gin bottles to be used as table centrepieces.

Jam Jars

assorted jam jars

GIN Bottles

Wine Bottles